The Japanese War Effort - Surrender To Summer (4 stars)

The Japanese War Effort - Surrender To Summer

Hazy, iridescent offering from Conquering Animal Sound's Jamie Scott

(Song, By Toad)

Portobello surf-pop; Meadows skate-rock; Leith Walk chill-wave; call it what you will: this hazy, iridescent offering from Jamie Scott, aka The Japanese War Effort and one half of Conquering Animal Sound, is gorgeous: a lo-fi, scorched, distorted soundtrack to a dreamy Scottish summer.

Scott has a brilliant tendency to imbue his fuzzy electronic reveries with bright melodic narratives and vivid lyrical snatches, from the blissful, glitchy grunge-pop of ‘Summer, Sun, Skateboard’, to the charred techno-folk of ‘Pool Attendant’. It’s available on 10-inch coloured vinyl, replete with complimentary sweets: further incentive, were it required, for taking this record to your heart.

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