Woods - Sun and Shade (3 stars)

Woods - Sun and Shade

Lo-fi alt-folky tunes from Brooklyn cottage industry derailed by cosmic jams


Brooklynites Woods are a cottage industry of sorts who release their own lo-fi alt-folky tunes through a label run by their frontman, Jeremy Earl. Their sixth album highlights both the ups and downs of a band not having anyone to answer to – there’s a lovely homespun freedom to Sun and Shade, but good judgment is twice left thumbing a lift when they leave the winding backwoods lanes and get stuck on the Krautrock autobahn.

Cosmic jams ‘Out of the Eye’ and ‘Sol Y Sombra’ – which between them amount to nearly half the LP – aren’t bad tunes, they just would have been better released separately, instead of killing the otherwise enamouring Shins, Real Estate and Avi Buffalo-style ramshackle-melodic flow.

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