Wu Lyf - Go Tell Fire To The Mountain (4 stars)

Wu Lyf - Go Tell Fire To The Mountain

epic, cascading musical backdrops from the joyous and triumphant to rough and urgent

(LYF recordings)

WU LYF, aka World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation, further refine their self-sufficient musical approach with their self-released debut, Go Tell Fire To The Mountain. Recorded in a church in Manchester, each song plays out with an unmistakable sense of space and splendour, which offsets their often apocalyptic imagery. The epic, cascading musical backdrops are at times joyous and triumphant, and at others defiantly rough and urgent. The fact that you can barely make out anything Ellery Roberts says through his manic, raspy drawl is besides the point. There are times when the whole thing reeks of Modest Mouse and Manchester Orchestra, even with WU LYF’s unique battle-cries rubber-stamped all over. But last time we checked, that wasn’t a bad thing.


WU LYF - 'We Bros'

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