Arlene Phillips: Cheryl will get over The X Factor

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  • 10 June 2011
Arlene Phillips

Arlene Phillips

Arlene Phillips believes Cheryl Cole will get over her 'X Factor' woes providing she ''puts it in a little box'' and ''leaves it''

Arlene Phillips doesn't think Cheryl Cole needs 'The X Factor'.

The former 'Strictly Come Dancing' judge believes Cheryl - who was axed from the US version of the ITV1 show last month - will be able to do well without her role on the series providing she follows her lead and gets over it quickly, otherwise the "sting" will keep coming back.

She said: "That initial bruise - that moment you hear - never goes away, you will remember that. What you have to do is put that aside, put it in a little box, tie it up with a ribbon and leave it there because otherwise that little sting will keep coming back. Just move on.

"Cheryl is loved here, she has the world at her feet. She doesn't need 'X Factor' USA."

Arlene was sensationally fired from 'Strictly' in 2009 and replaced by Alesha Dixon, and while she has now moved on to a role on 'So You Think You Can Dance', she is unsure if she will return because the decision lies with show boss Nigel Lythgoe.

She added to ITV1's 'Lorraine': "It's Nigel's show - I know there is a meeting in four weeks and who knows - it can be anybody's guess.

"It's quite a classy show but they will decide - powers way above me will decide and it will be what it will be."


Girls Aloud singer and former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole performs pop and dance-pop to promote her album A Million Lights.

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