Made In Chelsea to air in US

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  • 10 June 2011
Amber Atherton

Amber Atherton

'Made In Chelsea' is set to hit US TV screens, with E4 bosses reportedly planning to cash in on the ''Kate Middleton effect'' by airing the toff-tastic show Stateside

'Made In Chelsea' is set to hit US TV screens.

Bosses of the E4 reality series - which documents the trials and tribulations of a group of wealthy, young Londoners - are reportedly planning to cash in on the "Kate Middleton effect" by taking the show Stateside.

Jewellery designer Amber Atherton, who features in 'Made In Chelsea' alongside best pal Rosie Fortescue, thinks American viewers would "love" the toff-tastic cast.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "They are in talks to launch 'Made in Chelsea' in America. I think it would go down well over there.

"Americans are obsessed with the British and they loved the royal wedding. They'd love us."

Diamond dealer Francis Boulle could be of the same opinion, as he recently explained the majority of people in Britain "aspire" to be like he and his 'Made In Chelsea' castmates.

He said: "The toff-bashing and inverted snobbery in this country! The upper classes are the people who built this country from the ground up, let's make fun of them! Because that's what the public want.

"Am I posh? Yes. It would be ridiculous for me to claim that I'm not. People do aspire to be like 'Chelsea'. They do."

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