Brooke Vincent comfortable with lesbian screen kisses

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  • 7 June 2011
Brooke Vincent

Brooke Vincent

'Coronation Street' actress Brooke Vincent is comfortable kissing her co-star Sacha Parkinson and ''cant imagine'' not doing it anymore

Brooke Vincent "can't imagine" not kissing Sacha Parkinson anymore.

The 20-year-old actress portrays lesbian Sophie Webster in the show and though she admits locking lips with her pal, who plays her character's girlfriend Sian Powers, for the first time was nerve-wracking, she is now used to their intimate scenes together.

She said: "The first time we kissed was probably the most nervous we've ever been. But it's normal now - I can't imagine not doing it."

Both Brooke and Sacha - who is set to leave the show later this year - are happy to portray lesbian characters and feel "honoured" that they were given such a key storyline by producers and love the fact they have had such a positive response from viewers.

Sacha said: "It sounds weird that we say we love it, but it's because so many people love it - that makes us love it."

Brooke added to star magazine: "I've grown up with the Sophie character and I've always played the part as a little girl.

"Now, there's a bit of a twist to the story and as an actress it's really good.

"And for the producers to trust us with a big storyline makes us so proud."

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