Jai McDowall rejected by X Factor

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  • 6 June 2011
Jai McDowall

Jai McDowall

Jai McDowall was dumped from the Boot Camp stage of 'The X Factor' last year, but decided to change his musical style in an attempt to impress the 'Britain's Got Talent' judges

Jai McDowall was dumped from the Boot Camp stage of 'The X Factor' last year.

The Scottish singer - who won 'Britain's Got Talent' on Saturday night (04.06.11) - decided to change his musical style in the hope of impressing judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff on the ITV1 show following his past disappointment.

He explained: "I was doing a different style then - more pop and country-ish. In the end the judges didn't think I was right. The style of singing didn't really show off my full potential so that's why they didn't think I was suitable for a pop singing contest.

"It gave me a taste and made me realise I really want to do this. I was either going to go back and try 'X Factor' again or give this a shot. I love singing show songs so I thought I'd give that a try for this audition. I think it helped that opera is a very emotional type of music."

The 24-year-old star also admitted he is hoping to use his newfound fame to collaborate with fellow Scot and 2009 'Britain's Got Talent' runner-up Susan Boyle.

Jai told The Sun newspaper: "I'd love to do a duet with Susan Boyle. She's such a nice person and she's a Scotswoman so how amazing would that be?"


1. Just got to have my say7 Jun 2011, 8:13am Report

Jai-A guy with enormous talent and recognised early on in the show by the general public that this guy was a winner.The headlines called this a 'Shock Win'..The truth is those talentless biased judges do not have the ability to recognise talent when it is staring them in the face,they wrapped themselves around one other act and chose to remain blinkered.I congratulate Jai along with many many other members of the public and I suggest the shows judging panel be made of of people who really know what they are talking about in the entertainment business.Amanda Cowell should make a public apology for the disgraceful comment she made 6 seconds before Jai came on to sing his song at the end of the show..Her comment being 'I really wanted Ronan to win' how disgraceful and below the belt is that.You only have to read the blogs,get into the forums etc to really know what the public are saying about those three face lifts Cowell.Holden and McCintyre..it was clear by all 3 that they attempted in their way to promote Ronan(nothing against the boy he was ok)Cowell even got his sidekick Walsh(now there are 5 judges)to make comments about Ronan..The truth is THE BEST MAN WON and it was the public who decided.

2. ladypen7 Jun 2011, 11:11am Report

the comments made by the judges about wanting ronan to win must have been very hurtful & embarressing for jai....he won bgt fair & square with his amazing voice & talent!...try focusing on the person that won the contest instead of the runner up who is only 12 & has many yrs ahead of him..dont want to take anything away from ronan as he was amazing to,but this should be about the winner jai,who was fantasticcccc!!!

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