Kasabian predict their decline

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 5 June 2011

This article is from 2011.



Kasabian insist they won't always be as good as they are and think it is inevitable that at some point, they will be ''s**t''

Kasabian feel it is inevitable that they will become "s**t".

The 'Empire' rockers are about to release their fourth album, and while they feel it will be a "classic", the band don't think they'll be able to make albums of the same quality forever.

Guitarist Serge Pizzorno said: "It's to do with being on a roll. Everyone at some point goes s**t it's inevitable. It's about getting it down as quickly as you can, because it won't last.

"It happens to the great writers of all time at some point."

The songwriter - who is joined in Kasabian by Tom Meighan, Chris Edwards, Ian Matthews and Jay Mehler - added he based the tracks on the new album around "the great songs of all time" and feels the result is a "jukebox record" which doesn't bare the hallmarks of anything before or since.

He added: "We've made a rock classic. I'm smiling when I say that, but it's a rock classic. It doesn't sound like any other rock album you've ever heard."

Kasabian's fourth album will be released later this year.


The lairy indie combo have headlined T in the Park and Glastonbury with their tried-and-tested piledriving electro-rock anthems.

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