Ollie Locke: Made In Chelsea is strange

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 5 June 2011
Ollie Locke

Ollie Locke

Ollie Locke thinks appearing in E4 reality TV series 'Made In Chelsea' is a ''strange state of affairs''

Ollie Locke thinks starring in 'Made In Chelsea' is a "strange state of affairs".

The long-haired lothario - who dumped his girlfriend of 10 months, Gabriella Ellis, on the E4 show earlier in the series - admitted going through a break-up on a reality TV programme was "one of the worst things ever".

He said: "It was one of the worst things ever. I was heartbroken! I signed up for it so ... it's a strange state of affairs, isn't it?"

However, Ollie - who came out as bisexual on last week's show - admitted he was never aware his antics, including curling his eyelashes and being obsessed with his hair, weren't the norm until he appeared on the series.

He added to Grazia magazine: "Do you know what? Before I started the show, I didn't think it was strange for men to curl their eyelashes.

"I asked my flatmate, Alex - you know, the son of Lord Brockett - if it was unusual for men to curl their eyelashes, and he said yes! I was amazed. I thought everyone did!"

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