Natalie Cassidy relationship woes 'going on for months'

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  • 1 June 2011
Natalie Cassidy and Adam Cottrell

Natalie Cassidy and Adam Cottrell

Natalie Cassidy's relationship problems have been ''going on for months'', according to the actress' dad Charles Cassidy

Natalie Cassidy's relationship problems have been "going on for months".

The former 'EastEnders' actress - whose former fiance Adam Cottrell yesterday (31.05.11) admitted to attacking Natalie in their Hertfordshire home - has reportedly been subjected to months of abuse at the hands of the 31-year-old transport manager.

Her dad Charles Cassidy told The Sun newspaper: "It's been going on for months now, bubbling up. No one wants to see their daughter get into that sort of situation."

However, Natalie's dad explained his main concern is the estranged couple's eight-month-old daughter Eliza Beatrice.

"I'm not angry, I'm just worried for my granddaughter. She's the most lovely baby, really happy."

Appearing East Hertfordshire Magistrates' Court yesterday, Adam pleaded guilty to two counts of assaulting the 28-year-old actress.

Elaine McMillan, prosecuting, said: "The defendant lost his temper and he assaulted her by smearing her with mascara and striking her with a slipper on the upper leg."

Adam also admitted to causing £350 worth of damage to the couple's home in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire.

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