David Essex: EastEnders is taking over my life

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  • 1 June 2011
David Essex

David Essex

David Essex thinks his new role as Eddie Moon in 'EastEnders' is ''taking over'' his life

'EastEnders' is "taking over" David Essex's life.

The 70s pop icon - who made his Walford debut playing Eddie Moon last night (31.05.11) - admitted he was so daunted when he first joined the cast of the BBC One soap that it was like "going to a new school".

He explained: "It's taking over my life, but it's a great adventure. It was tricky at the beginning, because I was writing a film score at the same time as filming, so I was getting about two hours sleep a night! But everyone has been very welcoming, and I'm full of respect for the actors here.

"The schedules are fast and furious, and it was a bit daunting when I arrived. There are people who've worked here for 20 years, so it's been a bit like going to a new school!"

However, the 63-year-old star explained while he is keen to make his alter-ego a believable character, it might be hard for 'EastEnders' fans to differentiate between him and Eddie.

David added to Inside Soap magazine: "It's important to me that Eddie is a character, and not David Essex. Because of my track record, it might be difficult for some people to differentiate the two, and that's going to be the challenge.

"But my fans are thrilled that I've joined 'EastEnders' - it means that they get to see me on the telly rather than waiting for my next tour!"

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