Glasgow's Merchant City Festival 2011

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  • 27 May 2011
Merchant City Festival

A new way of looking at a beautiful part of the city

Ten years old and the perfect example of a localised ‘area festival’, the MCF works with the Merchant City’s strengths – namely, its great restaurants, shops and architecture. If the past decade is anything to go by, look out for tasting stalls and cooking demonstrations headed up by one-man institution Seamus from Café Gandolfi, and a gigantic catwalk show all the way down Ingram Street, using clothes from the glossiest of the ‘Style Mile’’s designer shops, street markets and special discounts. There will also be the chance to see the Merchant City through artistic eyes as part of walking tours led by visual, sound and performance artists and stilt-walkers, plus the intriguingly obscure ‘celebration of fudge-related music, dance, literature and art’ that is Mischief La Bas’ Fudge Festival. The MCF is one of a handful of dedicated street theatre festivals in the UK, so take advantage of the jugglers, puppeteers, parkour enthusiasts and roaming samba bands encouraged to lead your eyes (and legs) in new ways around some of Glasgow’s loveliest classical architecture.
Line-up: Tours by Alex Rigg, Gavin Lockhart, Jane Pitt and Big Rory and Ochie the Dog, live sculpture creation by Sumit Sarkar and Ian Smith, Fudge Festival by Mischief La Bas.

Plus: A new way of looking at a beautiful part of the city.
Minus: Similar line-up year-on-year. But if it aint broke …

The salubrious streets of Glasgow’s ‘Cultural Quarter’ Thu 21– Sun 24 July

Merchant City Festival

A diverse arts festival in Glasgow's swanky part of town. Previous years have seen comedy, theatre and art events cramming themselves into the area's fashionable buildings, while street performers add to the festival atmosphere.

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