Ken Barlow left for dead by own grandson

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  • 27 May 2011
Bill Roache

Bill Roache

Coronation Street's Ken Barlow is to be left for dead when his grandson James viciously attacks him after his conniving plans to rob his own grandfather are revealed

Coronation Street's Ken Barlow is to be left for dead after being viciously attacked by his own grandson.

The trusting former teacher - played by Bill Roache - will be devastated to discover James, the long-lost grandson on which he doted, has forged his signature and taken out a huge loan against his home.

Discovering he could lose the house that has been his since the 70s if he fails to keep up the extortionate repayments put upon him thanks to James' midemeanour, Ken rages: "How could you do it?

"You come into my house as a guest, as my grandson, as my own flesh and blood - and then set about robbing my family of everything we've ever worked for. You're nothing but a cheap conman, a two-bit crook!"

A furious James replies: "I'd rather be a crook than a doddering old hypocrite like you."

However, when Ken attempts to call the police to tell them James, who moved in with the Barlows while he worked for a nearby homeless charity, has attempted to rob him he delivers a brutal blow to his grandfather and knocks him to the floor.

In a moment of panic James - played by Bill's real-life son James - flees the house, leaving devastated Deirdre (Anne Kirkbride) to discover her beloved husband fighting for his life.

An insider told The Sun newspaper: "It'll be weird for James watching himself punching his dad, but they're gripping scenes."

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