Festival essentials: what the stars are packing in their rucksacks

Festival essentials: what the stars are packing in their rucksacks

Jamie Woon

By Jamie Woon, James Vorley, Paloma Faith and Jill O'Sullivan

Jamie Woon

Blankets Normally stolen off planes, but handy for that point in the early morning, if you’re sitting around a fire or outside a tent and it starts getting cool.

Cheap sunglasses I tend to break or lose sunglasses pretty quick, so these are normally bought from Tesco, at the same time as I buy my booze.

Beers Tinnies are for the first day, when things are still cold.

Red wine in a box Once the tinnies have all gone, red wine is good, because it doesn’t matter if it stays cold. It lasts for ages. Once you take the full bag out the box, it’s good for chucking around too.

Wet Wipes Indispensable. Just for general hygiene purposes really.

Head gear Some kind of straw hat, I think. Which will be lost after one day.

My girlfriend She probably won’t be making it up to RockNess with me, but she’s performing at Glastonbury, where I’m also playing, so we can hang out there. Oh – she’s a circus performer by the way, not my backing dancer or anything.

Jamie Woon will be performing at 02 Academy, Glasgow, Thu 26 May and at RockNess, Sat 11 Jun.

James Vorley

Keyboard player in Nevada Base

Buckfast Handy, easy to carry, fun-in-a-bottle. All the benefits of sweet wine with the might of a double espresso.

Beer To drink.

Crisps To eat.

Fake Rayban Aviators To protect eyeballs from the searing Scottish summer rays.

Berocca A quote from their website: ‘Berocca is a multivitamin and mineral supplement containing essential nutrients that work in synergy to help those with hectic lifestyles be at their best.’

Acoustic guitar To keep campsite awake.

Pillow Soft thing for head.

Sledge To pull tent plus the above to a strategically chosen camping spot (very important, especially if arriving late).

Nevada Base play Kelburn Garden Party, Sat 2 Jul.

Paloma Faith

Fresh juices I love Innocent smoothies, especially the green one, and I’m kind of hooked on San Pellegrino. I never thought I’d turn into a water snob but I sincerely believe that water has magical powers! I try not to drink much booze when I’m gigging but I do like a Jagermeister. Because I am such a lightweight, by two shots of that I’ll be climbing trees and playing dares for sure.

Moroccan food A nice chicken tagine and cous cous and veggies goes down a treat.

Music On tour we are all a bit Apple Mac crazy so most music comes out of our laptops (I have a Macbook) or our iPods and some portable speakers.

High-heeled cowboy boot wellies I’ve been quoted a few times as saying ‘anywhere you can’t wear stilettoes is not worth going’. I’ve never been very practical with my clothes so I tend to try and dress like I would normally and be glam. For night time I have this amazing poncho thing I bought in Topshop that’s great – it doubles up as a blanket.

A good bit of slap! I use a combo of Mac, Body Shop and Barry M. The bright stuff hides a multitude of sins. Nothing is more distracting than a good old red lippy.
I take wipes though so you can keep putting it back on, otherwise you’ll look like a panda.

Berocca If I’ve been drinking, I try to force myself to down a pint of water before I go to bed – it’s even more effective with a Berocca in it. If you wake up in hangover hell, I suggest a fry-up and a bloody mary. They hug your head and your stomach.

Paloma Faith plays the Northern Lights festival, Sat 30 Jul.

Jill O’Sullivan

Singer in Sparrow & the Workshop

A flask of whisky and Buckfast If you want a wild night, but expect a wild hangover too.

Rotisserie chicken From the rotisserie chicken stand, with extra potatoes. Also, samosas from M&S fit in your pocket and are cheap.

Brush-in dry shampoo Or talc if you’re old-school. And baby wipes to get rid of the mud.

Nurofen migraine tablets However bad the hangover is, you’ll be able to get up and walk with those … and a pint of cider. Seems to get rid of the hangover pretty quickly.

Sparrow and the Workshop play RockNess, Sun 12 Jun. Their album Spitting Daggers (Distiller) is out now.

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