Dead Man's Cell Phone

Dead Man's Cell Phone

Director Stasi Schaeffer brings Sarah Ruhl's play to Scotland

A women picks up a cell phone left in a diner, and, after realising that the man it belonged to has died, finds herself pulled into the world he left behind, reconciling fractured relationships and making her own connections along the way. Written by Pulitzer Prize finalist Sarah Ruhl, Dead Man’s Cell Phone receives its UK premier at the Tron this month, and director Stasi Schaeffer is excited to bring the American play to a Scottish audience.

‘Stylistically, the play is written a bit differently from some current plays we see here in Scotland,’ she says, ‘but I think that people will find that the themes and struggles that the characters are having are the same.’
While the play depicts a unique situation Schaeffer feels the characters’ emotional struggles will resonate with audiences. ‘We’re all very similar as human beings and many of the things that we deal with every day are not unique to us but rather universal in the world.’

The Arches, Glasgow, Wed 8–Fri 10 Jun.

Dead Man's Cell Phone

UK premiere of a play by Sarah Ruhl (US Pulitzer Prize Finalist) about how we seek to memorialise the dead and even connect beyond the boundaries of life in a technology-obsessed world.

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