Torchwood's zombie battle

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  • 26 May 2011
John Barrowman

John Barrowman

The new series of 'Torchwood' will see Captain Jack Harkness battling zombies after a miracle stops anyone on earth dying

The new series of 'Torchwood' will see Captain Jack Harkness battling zombies.

Captain Jack - played by John Barrowman - and his trusty sidekick Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) will be recruited to investigate what's going on after people stop dying, leading to society's sick and old turning into zombies.

Show creator Russell T. Davis told the Daily Star newspaper: "A miracle happens in the world and no-one dies. What will society do? This is what we'll explore."

Joining Jack and Gwen will be CIA agent Esther Drummond (Alexa Havins), and alongside the action there will also be plenty of steamy scenes, with bisexual Jack seen kissing a barman in the very first show.

The upcoming series will also see the star clad in a new outfit, as this series was shot in America for the first time, requiring his trademark greatcoat to be redesigned to be more lightweight.

Producers pulled out all the stops for the new garment, using costume designer Shawna Trpcic, who had the new garment custom-made by Italian tailors.

She said: "I just wanted to modernise it, give it a more modern fit, but leave the drape and keep it cape-like.

"The other coat was quite billowy and I'm sure that was to cover layers of warmth, because it was a lot colder in Wales. I got a cashmere-blend wool, and it's a very, very fine material, so he would be OK in the heat and the Los Angeles sunshine."


1. detailsdetails26 May 2011, 2:42pm Report

Oh dear. Guess no one told the designer Barrowman is severly allergic to wool! Ooops.

2. Pat Taylor27 May 2011, 10:33am Report

Yes they did - that's why she used cashmere and lined everything.

3. detailsdetails6 Jun 2011, 5:54pm Report

That's good news, Pat, and thank you. But bad news for me. I got a scratchy wool coat somewhat similar to the Captain's because I like to make a billowy impression as I stride through a room, too (and no, it isn't because I'm gay, at least not in that sense!). Guess I'll have to start searching for another coat to 'swish' in, as I don't think I can afford the cashmere (not that I mind another excuse to shop). I'm just so thrilled to have some new Torchwood to look forward to. Can't wait for July!

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