Geordie Shore sparks fury

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  • 26 May 2011
The cast of Geordie Shore

The cast of Geordie Shore

The launch of MTV's 'Geordie Shore' has sparked outrage among shocked Newcastle residents, who have branded the reality series ''an embarrassment''

'Geordie Shore' has sparked fury among shocked Newcastle residents, who have branded the reality series "an embarrassment".

Monday night's (23.05.11) launch of the X-rated MTV show - which featured the housemates frolicking half-naked in a jacuzzi, throwing up after a night out and brawling in nightclubs - has caused over 20,000 angry viewers to take to Facebook to vent their views on the series.

One page, entitled R.I.P Geordie Pride, stated: "After this we can no longer be proud to have a Geordie accent after these t***s embarrass us all on national television."

An angry viewer vented: "this show must be removed from tv ...... its a disgrace to all the good hard working geordies !!!! and as for their parents well !!! they want to be embarrassed to think they give birth to them and need to look at there parenting skills !!!!

"if these people wish to do the things they do, then so be it im sure they will be the most hated geordies in the world ..... was the 5 min fame really worth it ??? i think not !!!!!!(sic)"

While broadcasting watchdog OFCOM has confirmed it has received complaints about the outlandish nature of the programme, it is "unlikely" officials will do anything to curb it because no codes of practice have been breached.

Meanwhile, local tourism groups have slammed 'Geordie Shore' for "reinforcing outdated stereotypes" of people from the North East of England.

Sarah Stewart, boos of the Newcastle Gateshead Initiative, told the Daily Star newspaper: "Initial reaction to the depiction of the area and the behaviour of the people featured in 'Geordie Shore' has been negative.

"It's hoped that, as the series continues, we see a more accurate representation of the destination. It will be very disappointing if the programme continues to enforce outdated stereotypes.

"The fierce reaction demonstrates that people who live here feel very strongly about the place and how it's being poorly represented in 'Geordie Shore'."


1. Westpoint28 May 2011, 12:30am Report

Personally I don't see what the fuss is about, we all know Geordies are some of the friendliest people in the country and on the whole this is not a true representation of Geordies. We also know you have one of the best club scenes there is. Don't worry this will pass with the wink of an eye and the show will get better because the people in it will now realise what and who they are representing, just give it a bit of time. I LOVE GEORDIES!!! XXX

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