Sounds of the Summer 2011 Spotify Playlist

Sounds of the Summer 2011 Spotify Playlist

Metronomy: sun seekers playing T in the Park

The best summer listening, as chosen by List music critics

You've bought your sausages, you've scrubbed your charred old BBQ back to shiny, chrome perfection, and you've invited your most lithe and beautiful friends around to your back garden. Everything's in place. Now what are you going to listen to? Step forward The List magazine (hello). We've created what we think is the ultimate summer playlist.

The List: Sounds of the Summer Playlist 2011

The tracks below (and a few more bonus ones you'll find on the Spotify playlist here) are guaranteed summer party shakers. Enjoy, and if you've any more suggestions, post them in the Comments feed below this article.

Metronomy: ‘The Bay’ This wee gem from The English Riviera is pure pleasure seeker escapism, building slowly and layering minor key lurches over an irresistible slap bass disco beat, before erupting giddily into a euphoric chorus of ‘it feels so gooooood’. And by heck, it does. (Laura Ennor)

Donovan: ‘Sunshine Superman’ The 65-year-old’s faded, psychedelic star is back in the ascendant, with a gig at the Royal Albert Hall in June. This song – the title track from his 1966 album – suggests he’s going to ‘pick up your hand, and blow your little mind’. So, watch out there … (Jonny Ensall)

The Japanese War Effort: ‘Summer, Sun, Skateboard’ A trip through lo-fi indie rock and shimmering electronica, this hazy masterpiece from Jamie Scott, alias JWE and half of Conquering Animal Sound, is from July’s ‘Surrender to Summer’ EP.
(Nicola Meighan) Listen here.

Weezer: ‘Island in the Sun’ In this anthem for lazy daydreamers everywhere, Rivers Cuomo extols the joys of beachside life with a groove so laidback it’s practically horizontal. Luckily, though, he doesn’t forget to rock out in the second half of the song. See them at T in the Park this year. (LE)

A Sunny Day In Glasgow: ‘The Best Summer Ever’ By far the most appropriate band name/song title combination we could think to include in this list – though that is not ASDiG’s only merit. Off-kilter dream pop of the kind that’s well suited to a post-Solero sugar high. (JE)

Friendly Fires: ‘Hawaiian Air’ The blissful disco of Friendly Fires’ new album Pala is going to be the sound of the warm season; ‘Hawaiian Air’ finds Ed Macfarlane in holiday mood, dreaming of ‘skipping the meal for a G&T’ aboard a flight to Honolulu. (Malcolm Jack)

Fake Blood: ‘I Think I Like It’ Theo Keating was the man behind The Wiseguys’ ‘Ooh La La’. Now, as Fake Blood, he makes jump-up-and-down-and-say-’woo’ house of the right tone for an out-of-control barbecue. He plays at RockNess this June. (JE)

Discopolis: ‘Cold Summers’ Discopolis’ blend of astral electro and choral melancholy is gorgeous. The promising Edinburgh dream-pop trio, who summon sunsets, sunrises and general swooning, play the T-Break stage at TitP in July. (NM) Listen here.

Washed Out: ‘Eyes Be Closed’ A welcome new single from the Georgia, USA chillwave-er, whose second album is out in July. Listen carefully – you can almost hear the sound of hipsters clicking their Holga cameras in appreciation. (JE) Listen here.

Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat: ‘Cruel Summer’ (BBC Radio Scotland session) Taking the sweltering dejection of Bananarama’s finest moment and restoring it as a smouldering avant-jazz lament, this is an inspired companion track to Moffat and Wells’ long-player, Everything’s Getting Older. (NM) Listen here.

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