Profile: Joy Orbison

Profile: Joy Orbison

London-based DJ and producer set for Edinburgh date

Joy Orbison’s a bit like one of those sought after rare birds: elusive, tantalizing, gleaming with a certain flair and vaunting a slightly mischievous charm. A comparison to Kevin from ‘Up’ springs to mind, only Joy Orbison’s quite a lot cooler. Since his 2009 inaugural release Hyph Mngo, a climactic rush of anthemic synthy chords and female vocals that sound like a rather beautiful sneeze, only a handful of singles have been released from the London-based DJ and producer, meaning his every step is tracked vigilantly. From the swelling musical underground he surfaces with a flutter of prowess, and once within reach it’s all playful and warm - just like Kevin, but with extra swagger.

So who is he and what does he do?
Peter O’Grady produces, djs, and runs his own label, Doldrums, which keeps the likes of Braiden and Kassem Mosse under its wing. His wide ranging influences include Todd Edwards, J Dilla, Omar-S and even GG Allin. He featured on BBC’s The Sound of 2010 and Radio 1’s Mary Anne Hobbs has been a keen promoter.

What does he sound like?
A funky kind of mixture of 2-step, dubstep, jungle, house and techno, while more recent activity under the monikers J.O. and Joy O have been more firmly rooted in house. The most recent single ‘Wade In’, released on Hotflush in 2011, progresses through a swampy vocal opener to metallic percussion which sounds like a few kitchen utensils have been grafted on to a pounding bass, to delicately emerging vocals and a subtle, high-pitched pressure at the top. His sound grapples with swinging beats, dancing piano house chords, and often shiny, shuffling percussion, going from deeply drenched, glowing keys to a thumping bass and squelching synths.

How do I find him?
Joy’s remixed for Four Tet (Love Cry), and veritable garage producer Todd Edwards (I Might Be), and forthcoming releases include a collaboration with Boddika. Cyberspace is dotted with speculation over further releases; check out YouTube for a whole bunch of unreleased tracks. You can also have a listen to a clip of his set for Mary Anne Hobbs’ experimental show at Sonar 2010.

Four Tet - Love Cry (Joy Orbison remix) - VJ MIX

Todd Edwards - I Might Be (Joy Orbison Remix)(Free Download)(TO)


It's a mash up of breaks, beats, electro and anything else they can lay their hands from your hosts Tim & Jez (Utah Saints).

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