Central Station: Angharad McLaren

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  • 27 May 2011
Central Station: Angharad McLaren

A profile of the Glasgow-based textile designer

Angharad McLaren designs and makes contemporary woven textiles in her studio at the Briggait in Glasgow. A lover of sailing, rock climbing and windsurfing she sources unusual sports-related materials such as climbing ropes, sail materials and neoprene alongside more traditional yarns such as wool and silk to create textiles that are both decorative and functional. She also looks to the traditional textiles she grew up with or gathered on her travels – Scottish tweeds, Welsh blankets, Mayan Backstrap weaving and Thai silks.

Angharad studied Textile Design at Glasgow School of Art and went on to an MA at the Royal College of Art. She has worked in several weaving mills, exhibited internationally, gained business funding from NESTAs Starter for 6 programme and the Scottish Arts Council Crafts Start Up Award and won awards for colour, innovation and design.

Currently she sells a range of textile products – cushions, hot water bottle covers, lavender bags, rugs and scarves – as well as working on projects for interior and fashion designers. Last year she was commissioned to design blinds for the Shetland Museum Café in Lerwick, made in 100% Shetland wool and inspired by the colourful landscape of the Isles. She is currently working on a new blinds commission and a collaboration with a product designer – and balances her studio work with plenty of fresh air and adventure to keep the inspiration flowing.

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