Singles and downloads May/June 2011

Singles and downloads May/June 2011

Battles' ‘Ice Cream’ take Single of the Month title

The phrase ‘singer-songwriter and professional footballer’ would have most reviewers frisbeeing a CD into the bin faster than you can say ‘super-injunction’, but fortunately enough for Kevin Rutkiewicz it’s a fan of his club, the mighty Dunfermline Athletic, who has been tasked with sifting the singles this month, so a sympathetic ●● to his weepy Paolo Nutini-style ballad ‘Time on Tick’. Though it’s defeated by a toe-poke from sometimes List writer Doug Johnstone with the charmingly lo-fi indie shambling ‘Keep It Afloat’ EP ●●●, who’d have got an extra star if he was any good at keepie-uppies.

An EP wrapped-up in ribbon and titled ‘Twee Love Pop’ ● (Heroes and Gluepots) would be hilarious were We See Lights of the death metal persuasion, but it’s without a hint of irony that the sub-Mumford Edinburgh banjo-ticklers have us scrambling for the sick pail. A more satisfying offering from the capital comes in the shape of a vinyl split double A-side via boutique studio Tape’s singles club, featuring Dead Boy Robotics’ dark electro-stomper ‘Ever’ ●●●, and on the reverse the rather excellent shoegazey disco banger ‘Girly’ ●●●● by The Machine Room.

A brief nod to the woozy Hammond washed ‘Don’t Worry’ (Domino) ●●● by Alex Taylor out of Hot Chip’s About Group, and King Creosote & Jon Hopkins’ exquisitely frazzled alt-folk amble ‘Bubble’ (Domino) ●●●●. Undisputed Single of the Month goes to New York robo math-rockers Battles with ‘Ice Cream’ ●●●●● (Warp), a sweet scoop of vaguely orgasmic grunting, pitch-shifted guitar and industrial-strength drumming recorded in a blender by the sound of it.

Doug Johnstone - Keep it Afloat

We See Lights - Twee Love Pop

Dead Boy Robotics - Ever

The Machine Room - Girly

About Group - Don't Worry

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - Bubble

Battles - Ice Cream

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