Interview - Dananananaykroyd set for UK tour

Interview - Dananananaykroyd set for UK tour

Hyperactive Glaswegian sextet hit road after release of There is a Way

As hyperactive Glaswegian sextet Dananananaykroyd ready their second full-length effort – the Ross Robinson-produced There is a Way – for mass consumption this summer (see review), the band seem keen to put a fairly quiet and frustrating 2010 behind them.

‘Last year was a very hard year for the band,’ says drummer Paul Carlin, noticeably relieved. ‘There was a lot of upheaval, line-up changes, leaving our label, all that sort of stuff. It was a difficult time. But when we got the word that Ross was going to do the album, that was kind of the start of a really exciting period of time for us which is continuing to this day.’

Last November, the band holed up in LA with Robinson (Slipknot, The Cure, At The Drive-in) who is notorious for his ‘unorthodox’ and hands-on recording approach. But it was an experience which Carlin says, as a band, has really upped their game. ‘He would always do something to really get into your guts before you did a take, and it worked, because I think he got the best out of all of us.’ he beams. ‘We’re all really happy with the record, I absolutely love it.’

Ahead of its release this month, the band make a low-key hometown appearance, in the intimate surrounds of The Ivy. As Carlin explains, ‘There’s something we like about a getting in a packed room, turning everything up as loud as you can and just absolutely destroying he place. I cannae wait.’

The Ivy, Glasgow, Fri 3 Jun, with Bronto Skylift and Young Legionnaire

There is a Way” is released on Pizza College, Mon 13 Jun. The single ‘Muscle Memory’ is out on Mon 6 Jun.

Dananananaykroyd - Muscle Memory

Dananananaykroyd and Young Legionnaire

Flailing noise action from the much touted Dananananaykroyd with support from new band of punkas featuring Gordon from Bloc Party.

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