Christopher Brookmyre - Where the Bodies are Buried

Christopher Brookmyre introduces a new cast of characters for latest novel Where the Bodies are Buried

Author introduces a new cast of characters for latest novel

Crime fiction thrives on familiarity. The same detectives dashing through the same shady streets to track down the latest stick in their craw. Christopher Brookmyre has given us a few charismatic serial characters over the years – the maverick journalist Jack Parlabane, feisty policewoman Angelique De Xavier, devil incarnate Simon Darcourt – and now it’s time for a fresh crop of cops and robbers.

Always one for a catchy title, Brookmyre’s latest novel, Where the Bodies are Buried, continues his themes of violence and corruption, this time with Detective Catherine McLeod at the helm. She’s investigating the death of a drug dealer found, in time-honoured fashion, down a Glaswegian back alley. Meanwhile (and with Brookmyre there’s always a meanwhile), part-time performer Jasmine Sharp is supplementing her paucity of acting jobs working as a private detective. Her case leads to an infamous Glasgow gangland assassin. Something tells me the two women’s paths will cross …

With 12 previous works of fiction under his belt, Brookmyre has built up a solid fan base of readers who relish his clever wit, likeable characters and unashamed cartoon violence. When you’re turning out pretty much a novel a year, however, they can’t all be winners and Brookmyre’s 2009 offering Pandaemonium, although brilliant in places, took his technical geekery beyond the reach of the average reader. Let’s hope Where the Bodies are Buried brings Brookmyre back to his rightful place, on the mean streets of unputdownable.

The Caves, Edinburgh, Wed 1 Jun; Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow, Mon 6 Jun.

Chris Brookmyre

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