Brian Belo wants 'crazy, sexy' Big Brother

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  • 23 May 2011
Brian Belo

Brian Belo

Brian Belo wants Channel 5's 'Big Brother' to be a ''sexy'' and ''crazy'' version of US TV show 'Jersey Shore'

Brian Belo wants Channel 5's 'Big Brother' to be "sexy" and "crazy".

The former contestant - who won the reality series in 2007 - explained while the UK version of the show is "notorious", he thinks it needs to step up to the level of other countries and become Britain's answer to 'Jersey Shore'.

He said: "I want a sexy house. I want it to be pool parties, I want it to be drunkenness. I want them to have friendships, I want them to have relationships, I want to feel like I know them in and out by the end of it.

"I've watched a lot of big brothers. I've watched the Swedish one, I've watched all the Australian ones. They all get naked in the Swedish one. On the first night someone did something naughty below the belt! Our one has been good - it's been notorious - but we need to compete with the rest of the world.

"When you watch 'Jersey Shore' they're all going crazy all the time. I want Channel 5's 'Big Brother' to feel like 'Jersey Shore UK'."

The 23-year-old star thinks 'Big Brother' programme makers need to pick contestants who viewers will "connect" with, rather than "weirdos".

Brian added to the Daily Star newspaper: "The ordinary person who sees people in 'Big Brother' talking about society, that's what's relevant to them. That is something they can connect with. It captures the imagination of youth.

"This is what the new 'Big Brother' needs to do - tap back into what's relevant for young people. I think it got to the point where young people felt it wasn't cool enough any more. They'd put too many weirdos in there."

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