Various Artists - Making Moonshine 3 (3 stars)

Various Artists - Making Moonshine 3

7VWWVW, Rory McLeod and Burnt Island contribute to tribute covers EP

(SL Records)

A blind musician and inventor of instruments who wandered the streets of New York dressed as a Norse god, Moondog was bloody great. He’s once more the subject of this third tribute covers EP from Edinburgh’s SL, with the five artists here having settled on a decidedly folky approach. 7VWWVW & Rory McLeod’s ‘High On a Mountain Ledge’ is the most resoundingly complete song, and the collection’s stand-out, a sea shanty for sailing through dreaming stars, while Burnt Island’s take on ‘Some Trust All’ is simple and sweet, a stream of rippling acoustic guitar and barely whispered lyrics. ‘Lullaby’ by MacGillivray and ‘All is Loneliness’ by Sharron Kraus follow even more minimal patterns, recurring tone poems for voice and effects only, and Greg Dodgson’s ‘Do Your Thing’ is the least inventive arrangement, but still an inspired song.

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