White Denim - D (4 stars)

White Denim - D

Further wildly adventurous tracks held together by old school psychedelic country vibe


The Austin, Texas outfit’s previous album, the fittingly titled Fits, was a brilliantly balmy rock-out that proved to be even more dazzlingly unpredictable than their debut. And when they played material from it on tour in Scotland, they ramped their aural insanity right up to eleven.

The ten tracks on D are also wildly adventurous, but they’re held together by an old school psychedelic country vibe that recalls The Byrds, Captain Beefheart and Moby Grape. The vocal harmonies and interwoven guitar melodies, not to mention flute solo, make D much easier on the ear. That’s not to say, however, it doesn’t rock supremely.

White Denim - Drug

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