Patrick Wolf - Lupercalia (4 stars)

Patrick Wolf - Lupercalia

Partner piece to The Bachelor shows that OTT is pretty much Wolf’s MO


‘I wish you the top, top, top of the morning,’ beams Patrick Wolf on his fifth album’s rambunctious opener ‘The City’, as if springing fresh out of bed to begin another fine day in fantastical glam pop land.

Quite how the androgynous Londoner hasn’t yet fulfilled his destiny as Britain’s Rufus Wainwright is unclear – a hit that captures the wider public’s imagination is surely all it’ll take. Any number of songs on this starry-eyed, strings-laden swoon-fest of a partner piece to 2009’s The Bachelor could be it.

The Tarzan howling on ‘Slow Motion’ is rather overdoing it, though – as we’re reminded towards the close by ‘Together’, an operatic techno-pop camp-arama worthy of Kylie – OTT is pretty much Wolf’s MO.

Patrick Wolf - House

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