Home Game festival - Anstruther, Fri 6-Sun 8 May 2011 (5 stars)

Home Game festival review – Anstruther, Fri 6 – Sun 8 May 2011

Josh T Pearson - photo by Dylan Matthews Blueback Hotrod

The Fence festival delivers another five-star musical weekend

You may have thought your childhood summer holidays were gone for good. Then you discovered Home Game, and times when people were nicer, and music was to be absorbed and adored rather than just worn like a badge, and the memories came flooding back. Home Game is the best fish and chips you’ve ever tasted, eaten on the harbour in the sunshine. It’s the local community centre, children’s collages decorating the walls as King Creosote gently croons ‘Bubble’ and then an achingly tender ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’, while Jon Hopkins squeezes an accordion that looks like it was dredged from a shipwreck in the Forth.

It’s Gordon ‘Lone Pigeon’ Anderson, having decorated his own attic ‘Space Cave’ in glowsticks and lava projections at Cellardyke Town Hall, fiddling with the sound and softly asking ‘wasn't that the most beautiful thing you've ever heard?’ during Austen George’s tender set, clearly unaware of his own unearthly ability. Somewhere around here, he’s probably built a rocket ship of his own. It’s Slow Club singing ‘Christmas TV’, unmiked and clear as a whistle, like a Sunday devotional on the Anstruther Town Hall stage.

It’s a pang of unease as bearded secular evangelist Josh T Pearson, a man not unversed in upset, breathes the tinder-dry truth ‘we are not what you call over-comers / we are failures each and every one’ during ‘Country Dumb’, and then laughter as Randolph’s Leap express awe at having followed him: ‘we shouldn't be here, I saw his album in Fopp and it had cellophane and everything.’ It’s a reminder that being Scottish, at its best, is a gentle, unpretentious thing which likes a good tune played with feeling and appreciates a simple sunny day.

King Creosote and the Earlies Photo: Nickie Divine www.nickiephoto.com

Slow Club. Photo: Nickie Divine www.nickiephoto.com

Josh T Pearson. Photo: Nickie Divine www.nickiephoto.com

Josh T Pearson. Photo: Nickie Divine www.nickiephoto.com

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