Jacqui McQueen to propose to Rhys

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 17 May 2011
Hollyoaks actress Claire Cooper

Claire Cooper

Jacqui McQueen will shock her boyfriend Rhys Ashworth with an impromptu marriage proposal in 'Hollyoaks' this week

Jacqui McQueen will shock Rhys Ashworth with a marriage proposal in 'Hollyoaks' this week.

Although the couple have been through a turbulent time after Jacqui claimed that Gilly Roach raped her after drunkenly having sex with him, they could be set to reunite forever if Rhys says yes to an impromptu wedding.

Andy Moss, who plays Rhys in the Channel 4 soap, is convinced that Jacqui is The One for his alter-ego, because she has changed him for the better.

He told OK! magazine: "Rhys used to be the village sleazeball but he's changed. He's loving and caring, and he's a one-woman man - a Jacqui McQueen man!"

The 27-year-old actor also thinks that Rhys is attracted to Jacqui because she is so different to him.

He continued: "When they say opposites attract, Rhys and Jacqui are living proof. I reckon they're almost made for each other! Rhys would love to work in a beach bar and bum around, whereas Jacqui is always family first."

Claire Cooper, who plays feisty Jacqui, agrees that her character is meant for Rhys but isn't sure they should marry so soon.

She said: "I would like Jacqui and Rhys to get married, but I don't know if this week would be a good one for them because of everything they've been through as a couple. It has to be the right time.

"I think Jacqui's in a terrible state of mind to be doing this and I'm not so sure."

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