My Comedy Hero: Andi Osho on her comedy idols - Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy

My Comedy Hero: Andi Osho on her comedy idols - Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy

My comedy heroes are always changing. I remember Jackie Mason being big in this country for a while and other influences have been Jack Dee and Victoria Wood. And Russell Brand was for a spell, but now that he’s moved off into a different sphere of celebrity, I’m not as inspired by his work anymore.

But the biggest influences for me would have been people like Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy. I saw Chris Rock when he was here last time, though I’m not a fan of arena gigs; the perfect environment for comedy is a smaller venue, maybe up to a thousand seats. But when it gets up to 10,000 it takes something away because you’re losing facial expressions and everything has to be that much bigger or the audience are watching it on a screen in which case you’d be as well watching it on DVD.

My earliest comedy hero would have been Eddie Murphy. Even though he was American, culturally what he was talking about was very familiar to a lot of us at that age. I remember his show, Delirious, when I was at school, probably nine or ten, and people were reciting bits from it, though I probably didn’t see it until I got to secondary school. He’s a brilliant mimic and mime and clown, he engages a lot of different skills when he does his stand-up. Even at a young age, I loved what he was doing.

Andi Osho plays The Stand, Glasgow, Mon 30 May, and The Stand, Edinburgh, Tue 31 May.

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