Geoff Johns - Green Lantern: Secret Origin (review) (4 stars)

Geoff Johns - Green Lantern: Secret Origin (review)

Modern twist on an old-school sci-fi hero


The Green Lantern might not seem the most likely candidate for a big-budget blockbuster. He’s certainly not your typical superhero, being based more in the world of retro sci-fi, his powers derived from a ‘power ring’ bestowed by the Guardians of the Universe that creates solid constructs founded on the wearer’s imagination. It may be a touch hokey but he’s been a key player in the DC Universe and Justice League of America since the 1940s.

But such is the studio hunger for superhero projects, the movie is indeed on its way with Ryan Reynolds in the title role. He also provides the new foreword in this repackaged, film-friendly reissue of Geoff Johns’ retelling of the character’s origin story, wherein test pilot Hal Jordon is bequeathed the power of the Green Lantern by alien Abin Sur.

Johns has a real knack for turning old-fashioned heroes into cutting-edge characters, and weaving them into new dynamic stories without losing their core power and personality. With epics like the Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night, GL has jumped back into many comic aficionados’ must-read list. Classic derring-do with a modern twist.

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