Top ten ways to get in shape – and stay there!

Top ten ways to get in shape – and stay there!

We can all lack motivation when it comes to getting fit. However, with regular exercise, a healthy diet and the occasional treat, shaping up can be easy…

1. Go slow

Whatever your goal, whether it’s losing weight, toning up or eating better, start slowly, says diet and fitness expert Laura Williams. “Wearing yourself out by overdoing it is unlikely to get results. You need an exercise routine and diet that is sustainable.”

2. Eat right

Stock the fridge with seasonal fruit and veg and supplement your five-a-day with a Multivitamin. It’s a great way to support a nutritional diet and give your body extra goodness.

3. Keep on running

Staying in shape is all about regular exercise. Actor Patrick Dempsey keeps his waistline in check with regular cycling. Do something at least every second day and give your body chance to recover by taking a daily supplement such as Glucosamine to ease achy joints.

4. Avoid temptation

“If you skive off exercise, deprive yourself of a treat,” says Laura. “Confiscate your morning latte if you ignored the alarm for the gym, or skip the bubbles in your bath if you didn’t do your crunches in front of the telly. Consequences are a great way of staying on track!”

5. Fight the flu

Exercise is important for a healthy body and mind. However, it can use up energy and vitamins your body needs. Find the prevention instead of the cure by taking a daily dose of Vitamin D. It will give your immune system – and general mood - a boost by warding off common colds and fighting depression.

6. Plan in advance

“If your exercise session isn’t going to plan, make up for it throughout the day,” says Laura. “Get off the bus a couple of stops early; take two baskets around the supermarket instead of a trolley, and commit to 10 tricep dips, 20 crunches, and 10 squats before you go to bed.”

7. Do the splits

A popular routine with celebs is a cardio workout in the morning – like a brisk walk or jog - and weights in the evening. By splitting your exercise you’ll see benefits without overtraining. But remember to keep on top of your diet and take a supplement like Vitamin D to give your body the nourishment it needs.

8. Bring out the band

Model and new mum Miranda Kerr uses a resistance band to tone her legs and bottom. You can buy cheap bands from high street stores and they are easy to use. Wrap the band around both ankles or knees and step out into a wide squat – you’ll soon feel the burn!

9. Variety is the spice of life

Don’t get bored with exercise - try something new like a charity race or join a local sports team. Getting in shape is easier when you’re having fun and meeting people.

10. Take inspiration

If you’re struggling to know what to do to tone up, take a leaf out of Jennifer Aniston’s book. She swears by yoga and Pilates, while fellow actress Cameron Diaz stays in shape by surfing.

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