Ben Shepherd to host Safebreakers

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 12 May 2011


Ben Shepherd is to host new Sky1 series 'Safebreakers', which will see teams battle it out in a construction challenge in the hope of winning a £5,000 prize

Ben Shepherd is to host new Sky1 series 'Safebreakers'.

The game show - which is due to be broadcast this August and produced by Maverick TV - will see two teams battle it out each week in a construction challenge and embark upon a frantic race against time to win a £5,000 prize, which is trapped in an encoded safe.

All the contestants need to do to win the money is open the safe, but in 'Safebreakers' that is easier said than done.

Paolo Proto, series producer for Maverick TV, said: "'Safebreakers' is a rugged boy's own adventure, an entertainment show that celebrates the best of British innovation, ingenuity and engineering skill."

Shot mainly in Caerphilly Castle, South Wales, the teams of engineering enthusiasts will have to build a vehicle to enable them to reach the seemingly inaccessible safe - with just a limited budget and materials at their disposal - and then crack a series of codes to get to the cash.

Siobhan Mulholland, factual and features commissioning editor for Sky 1 HD commented: "'Safebreakers' is a bold new series for us, we want to give our customers a unique watch and this show is that - it's clever, entertaining and very energetic."

Filming for 'Safebreakers' is to begin shortly, with the series broadcast on Sky1 HD in August.

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