Geordie Shore 'better' than US equivalent

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  • 12 May 2011
Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby

'Geordie Shore' contestant Charlotte Letitia Crosbie has claimed the new UK show will leave its US equivalent 'Jersey Shore' in the shade

Charlotte Letitia Crosby has claimed MTV's 'Geordie Shore' is better than its US equivalent 'Jersey Shore'.

The brunette bombshell - who has joined seven other housemates in working for a promotions company in Newcastle for six weeks - says the new British show will leave 'Jersey Shore' in the shade, even though she admitted a liking for US star Pauly D.

Charlotte said: "I think the Jersey Shore cast are good but not as good as us, if I had to pick my favourite it would be Pauly D."

The fun-loving barmaid also revealed her ultimate ambition in life is to "wrestle sharks" and gave her top tips on how to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

She said: "I aspire to wrestle sharks. I want to be famous for being fun, funny, a party animal, massive p***head. My ideal night out is spending all day getting ready with the girls, drinking, playing drunken games, having loads of shots, having dance offs in the pub and then getting a greasy kebab at the end of the night.

"My tips to pull a fit guy is don't wear a bra. Get them nipples out. Chestnuts on an open fire and all that."

Viewers can expect plenty of drama from 20-year-old Charlotte when the show kicks off later this month, as she admits she was once sacked from her job in a pub and then barred for falling asleep in the toilets.

She said: "My most embarrassing moment is probably when I fell asleep in the toilets and it was in the place I worked in. I got chucked out by the people I worked with and I was barred for three months. It was kind of embarrassing."

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