Cameron Diaz wants happiness for Justin

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  • 8 May 2011
Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz had no qualms about working with former boyfriend Justin Timberlake on 'Bad Teacher' because they are ''good'' at being funny together

Cameron Diaz wants Justin Timberlake to be happy.

The former couple - who separated in 2007 after almost four years of dating - have teamed up for new movie 'Bad Teacher' and the actress found it "easy" working with her former lover because they are so comfortable with one another.

She explained: "We break up. We move on. All I want for him is happiness. And all he wants is my happiness. His isn't reliant on me and mine isn't on him. It was at one point; we had that moment. But now.Let's make a movie. Let's go have some fun. We're good at being funny together. We know how to do that. That's easy."

Cameron, 38, is currently dating baseball player Alex 'A-Rod' Rodriguez and she says she doesn't want to live in the past or regret any of her previous relationships.

She told Britain's Elle magazine: "Yes Alex is my boyfriend. It's not a secret any more.

"Life is long. Why would you ever live in the past when you can live in the present and allow the future to be bright and happy and exciting. There's no reason. I think people's mentality is, 'It didn't work out!' But like, what didn't work out? What's supposed to happen?

"I think a lot of people are married to people they're not romantic with any more. I just didn't ever marry anybody that I then had to get divorced from."

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