Baby girl for Kate Hudson?

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  • 7 May 2011
Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

'Something Borrowed' actress Kate Hudson believes she's expecting a baby girl because she can't stop eating healthy food

Kate Hudson thinks she is expecting a baby girl because she can't stop eating healthy food.

While the 'Something Borrowed' actress gorged on junk food when she was pregnant with son Ryder, seven, with former husband Chris Robinson, Kate's new craving for fruit and salad during her current pregnancy makes her and pals think this baby will be a girl.

Kate - who is engaged to the baby's father Muse frontman Matt Bellamy - told Red magazine: "With Ryder, I wanted ice cream, burgers, fried food. With this one, I crave grapefruit, and I could eat five caesar salads. It's really weird. Everyone thinks it's a girl."

Although Kate and Matt can't wait for the baby to arrive, the 31-year-old actress admitted it's not always easy to make time for each other in their busy schedules but luckily she loves to travel.

She explained: "You just try to spend as much time together as possible, trust [each other] and communicate. We both travel a lot. I like to travel. You grab the kids, and you're living a bit on the go. You know, bands are lucky. They get to go to all these cool places. It's pretty fun. Whereas us actors have, you know, 16-hour days, on soundstages, some place like Toronto. While they're off in Buenos Aires."

The full interview is out now in the June issue of Red magazine.

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