Heather Trott's internet mishap

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  • 4 May 2011
EastEnders actress Cheryl Fergison

Cheryl Fergison

EastEnders' unlucky in love laundrette worker Heather Trott will be devastated to discover her internet lover was actually torturous teen Ben Mitchell playing a joke on her

EastEnders' Heather Trott will be devastated to discover her internet lover was a hoax.

The unlucky in love laundrette worker - played by Cheryl Fergison - had been upset to learn her mystery man Kevin had "died", but when she finds out it was nothing more than Ben Mitchell (Joshua Pascoe) masquerading as her lover Heather will be so hurt she vows to leave Albert Square for good.

A source at the BBC One soap said: "Heather's been in a bit of a state since learning of Kevin's death. So Shirley and Ben throw a party to cheer her up.

"Ben's father Phil enjoys taking the mickey. He's cynical about whether Kevin ever existed - and then jokes that even if he did, Heather most likely bored him to death. While Phil continues to snipe at Heather, Ben eventually snaps and blurts out that Kevin did exist - because it was him.

"Hev feels she can't face anyone after being duped. She plans to leave Walford -but can Shirley convince her to stay?"

However, Ben will be equally upset at the trouble his actions have caused and vows not to become a bully like his dad.

The source added to Inside Soap magazine: "The revelation has serious repercussions for all concerned. While Heather blubs to Shirley, Ben and Phil have a row. Ben has this horrible notion that he's becoming a bully just like his dad and it sends him into a tailspin as he realises being a git is in his genes."

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