Big Brother needs 'sexy' contestants

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  • 4 May 2011
Brian Belo

Brian Belo

Former 'Big Brother' winner Brian Belo thinks the reality TV show needs a new wave of ''sexy'' contestants if it is to be a success on Channel 5

Brian Belo thinks 'Big Brother' needs "sexy" contestants if it is to be a success on Channel 5.

The former winner of the reality TV show admitted bosses will now have to look at the series - which ran for 10 years on Channel 4 until last year - differently, as viewers will want to see "decent, normal people" on their screens rather than "freaks".

He said: "We need a proper sexy year. I want girls where I think, 'She's hot'. I want people to get together and I think you should have people in there who you'd want as your mates. You need decent, normal people there because there have been so many freaks in there before.

"We've got to look at 'Big Brother' differently to how we looked at it 10 years ago. 'EastEnders' runs for 10 million years so why the hell can't 'Big Brother'? It's real people, telling real stories."

With the audition process for the reality TV series - which catapulted the likes of Brian Dowling, Nikki Grahame and the late Jade Goody to fame - now being open, 'Big Brother' bosses have revealed they are looking for housemates who aren't "play actors or show-offs".

A Channel 5 insider told the Daily Star newspaper: "We are looking for housemates the viewers will love simply for having fun and being themselves. They have to be entertaining, lively and most importantly honest, not play actors or show-offs.

"Our search is to find the best set of housemates the public has seen to date."

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