Tracy Barlow hatches plot to steal Steve

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 April 2011
Kate Ford

Kate Ford, who plays Tracy Barlow

'Coronation Street's Tracy Barlow plans to steal Steve McDonald from his wife and be married to him ''within a year''

'Coronation Street's Tracy Barlow plans to be married to Steve McDonald "within a year".

The convicted murderer is plotting to steal her former lover away from his current wife, Becky, and sets her plan into motion when by inviting him on a secret day trip to Blackpool with their daughter, Amy.

Kate Ford, who plays Tracy, told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "She loves the idea of him and thinks he's in denial about his true feelings for her.

"She plans to be married to him within a year. She is prepared for the long game."

The trip soon turns disastrous with the pair arguing after briefly loosing Amy, and Steve (Simon Gregson) is even forced to share a bed with Tracy when his cab is stolen and they have to stay over for the night.

Kate added: "Steve doesn't want to share, but Tracy puts May into the single bed so there's only space for him in the double.

"For some deranged reason she thinks it's going better than it is. He's mortified. She usually ends up getting her way though."

Things get even worse for the Weatherfield businessman when he gets home, as malicious Tracy plants an incriminating photo of them enjoying their day out together for Becky (Katherine Kelly) to find, leading her to go on the warpath.

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