Jedward's year-long party plans

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  • 30 April 2011
Jedward for new celebrity homes show


Jedward plan to ''party for a year'' and treat all their fans to cake and pizza if they win the Eurovision Song Contest on May 14

Jedward plan to "party for a year" if they win the Eurovision Song Contest.

The twin singing sensation - who shot to fame on the 2009 series of 'The X Factor' - have revealed if they win the competition when they represent their home nation of Ireland on May 14, they will treat all their fans to "cake and pizza".

John explained: "We'll be happy with whatever happens, but if we win, we'll party for a year and treat our fans to cake and pizza."

Despite having to beat off stiff competition from a whole host of other nations, the duo - real names John and Edward Grimes - maintain they're "not scared of anyone".

John said: "We're not scared of anyone. We're just going to go and do our own thing."

Edward added to Top of the Pops magazine: "We're more excited than scared. Think about it: millions of people across Europe will see what we do and hopefully we'll get loads of new fans."

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