Ronnie Branning determined to serve jail term

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  • 28 April 2011
Samantha Womack

Samantha Womack

EastEnders' Ronnie Branning is to fire her lawyer and have a furious showdown with her sister Roxy in a desperate attempt to stay in prison to pay for her baby swap crime

EastEnders' Ronnie Branning is to fire her lawyer in an attempt to pay for her crimes.

The disturbed blonde - played by Samantha Womack - is currently behind bars after admitting to swapping her dead baby James with Kat Moon's (Jessie Wallace) tot Tommy.

However, when her solicitor throws her a lifeline, she shockingly tells him she doesn't want to be bailed out of jail, and would rather serve the time she deserves for the disturbing baby swap - something her sister Roxy can't come to terms with.

Actress Rita Simons, who portrays Roxy in the BBC One soap, explained: "Roxy can't believe that Ronnie just wants to hide away like this. It's a really big jolt for her.

"Roxy knows what Ronnie did was very wrong, but they're sisters - after all that Ronnie has been through, Roxy understands that the baby swap was a case of nurture over nature. She has a strong loyalty to Ronnie."

However, Roxy's good intentions are thrown back in her face when she visits her sister in prison, and rather than receiving gratitude for trying to help, she is faced with a furious showdown with Ronnie.

Rita added to Inside Soap magazine: "Every time Roxy goes to visit Ronnie, she gets a slap in the face. Her agenda is to get Ronnie out of jail - but Ronnie wants to stay inside.

"When Ronnie feels like she's running out of options, she turns the tables on Roxy, and accuses her of being selfish and loving all the drama."

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