Daisy Turner worried about filling shoes of Lacey

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 26 April 2011
Lacey Turner

Daisy's sister Lacey Turner

'Hollyoaks' actress Daisy Turner is worried about filling the soap shoes of her sister Lacey, who played Stacey Slater in 'EastEnders' until late last year

Daisy Turner is worried about filling the shoes of her sister Lacey in the soap world.

The 20-year-old actress recently joined the cast of Channel 4 soap 'Hollyoaks' as newcomer Jenny Houston, but has admitted the pressure of being the younger sister of Lacey - who played Stacey Slater in 'EastEnders' until last Christmas - does sometimes get to her.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I do feel a little bit of pressure. Lacey is very good at what she does, so I do think, 'Oh God, I've got some shoes to fill'. But I'm just being me and doing my best. 

"She says if I need anything then she's there, so she's there if I need her."

Despite the inevitable comparisons with her sister's career, Daisy explained while she won't rule out appearing in other soaps in the future, she is keen to differentiate herself from Lacey.

She added: "You have to kind of wait and see what you're offered, I would never say no to working on other soaps.

"But I'd like to do my own thing and be different from my sister."

Daisy first appeared on screen in 'Hollyoaks' as trickster tomboy Jenny last week.

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