Katie Price in car crash

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  • 25 April 2011
Katie Price and Leandro Penna

Katie Price and Leandro Penna

Katie Price and her boyfriend Leandro Penna were involved in a car crash in Argentina last night that killed two horses

Katie Price was involved in a car crash that killed two horses last night (25.04.11).

The 32-year-old model suffered severe whiplash when her Toyota jeep - which her boyfriend Leandro Penna was driving - collided with two runaway stallions and one of them smashed through the windscreen.

Both creatures, which had jumped a fence and bolted in front of the vehicle, died instantly and the 4x4 was declared a write-off.

Three other passengers, thought to be camera crew who weren't filming at the time, were in the pack of the jeep.

The accident happened at 1.30am near Cordoba in Argentina where Katie and model Leandro, 25 are on holiday and the mum-of-three said it was a "miracle they were alive".

Katie said: "It was absolutely terrifying. It all happened in a flash and I have absolutely no idea how I wasn't badly injured."

"I feel so lucky, but more than anything I'm just distraught about the horses. It was so upsetting."

The blonde beauty - who keeps horses of her own - is said to have suffered cuts to her hands as well as whiplash.

Leandro, who is from Argentina, jarred his neck and the three other passengers were given routine check-ups.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper that the pair are lucky to be alive and Leandro's quick-thinking could have saved them.

They said: "Quite frankly, it beggars belief that Katie and Leo survived at all. And Katie knows just how close she came to dying.

"The two animals ploughed into their vehicle, with one flying through the windscreen, backside-first, hitting both Katie and Leo simultaneously.

"Luckily, Leandro reacted lightning-quick, braked hard and swerved violently the moment he saw the horses. Although it wasn't enough to save the horses, undoubtedly his reactions saved the pair's lives, plus those of the three passengers in the back.

They added: "But Kate was far more concerned about the death of the stallions than she was her own injuries. She is badly shaken up and she was in pieces all of last night."

A spokesperson for the reality star confirmed the accident had happened and two horses had been killed and Katie and Leandro are: "Ok, though understandably shaken."

Katie Price

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