Anne Robinson quits Weakest Link

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  • 23 April 2011
Anne Robinson

Anne Robinson

The BBC are to scrap 'The Weakest Link' after presenter Anne Robinson announced her intention to quit the show

Anne Robinson has quit 'The Weakest Link'.

The 66-year-old presenter - who has earned the nickname 'Queen of Mean' for her harsh retorts to contestants on the BBC show - will depart the programme in spring 2012 to focus on other projects.

She said: "It's been superb, so it's a hard decision. If there's anything about longevity in television, it's about knowing what to take and what to turn down, and what to stop. It's often about what not to do any more."

The BBC are not planning to replace Anne as host of 'The Weakest Link' and will instead look for new programmes to fill the weekday early evening slot.

They said: "After 11 years fronting 'The Weakest Link', Anne Robinson has today announced that she has decided to relinquish her title as the 'Queen of Mean' and step down as its presenter.

"In terms of what will replace 'The Weakest Link', well that's all still up for debate at the moment. However, we've been really pleased with how some of our new quizzes on BBC Two have been doing such as Pointless with Alexander Armstrong.

"We're planning some special episodes to see the series out which will be filmed in Glasgow in December 2011 and the show will continue to be on air until Spring 2012."

Anne - who took a 50 per cent pay cut in February to stay on the quiz programme - decided to leave the show because its move to Glasgow made it difficult to juggle her schedule, though she admits she left her departure later than she originally intended.

She told The Guardian newspaper: "Trying to write in the morning and start recording at 2.30 simply wasn't working. My fee wasn't cut.

"I said I'd do ten years and then, because we went to Scotland and they were brilliant, I did a year more than I intended to do."

Anne will continue to present 'Watchdog' for the network.

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