Electro-rock outfit Three Trapped Tigers gear up for their slot at Glasgow's Stag and Dagger festival

Electro-rock outfit Three Trapped Tigers gear up for their slot at Glasgow's Stag and Dagger festival

Tune-packed annual stumble around Glasgow’s streets and venues Stag & Dagger is back, and with it come some of the most voguish local and national bands of the moment. The List will be looking forward to seeing Clinic, Warpaint, Yuck, Sons & Daughters, Admiral Fallow and Tall Ships either again or for the first time, while south-east London-based trio Three Trapped Tigers (named after the English translation of Cuban author Guillermo Infante’s experimental 1966 novel Tres tristes tigres) have grabbed our attention with a sound which takes some unlikely electronic influences and applies them to dramatic Mogwai-style instrumentals.

‘Our musical tastes meet on the electronic side of things, like Aphex Twin and Squarepusher,’ says Tom Rogerson, referring to his bandmates Adam Betts and Matt Calvert. ‘Otherwise I’m a classical geek originally, Matt and I share some jazz influences – amazing people on the Norwegian scene like Thomas Stronen and Humcrush – and those guys have their own tastes. They’ve known each other for donkey’s years, they were in all sorts of bands playing jazz, funk, hardcore and rock together. Originally we wanted to be like those Warp guys, though, but we’ve moved on a bit since then.’

At the end of this month their first LP Route One or Die (Blood and Biscuits) will be out, a deft collection of angular instrumentals which display energy and invention that just about manages to tie all the above influences together. Until that date, though, the highlights of a five-year career which Rogerson admits has been snail-paced until now include ‘getting to play with our heroes. Like, last year we got to meet and hang out with Autechre at a festival on a disused coalfield in Poland, they’re our all-time heroes, and we also played with Moderat in Dresden. Our agent gets us great gigs.’ Just like this one, hopefully.

Stag & Dagger at the Art School, Glasgow, Sat 21 May.

Stag & Dagger

Multi-venue music festival featuring a host of live acts. The 2016 line-up includes Band Of Skulls, Deaf Havana, Emma Pollock, Fews, Formation, Francis Lung, Milk Teeth, Smash Williams, Slow Club, Stanley Odd, We Are Scientists and The Van T's.

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