Eat, sleep and breathe: Summer Camp

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  • 25 April 2011
Eat, sleep and breathe: Summer Camp

Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey make melted, summery pop jams under the alias Summer Camp. Read on to find out what the duo like to feed themselves with…

What time is breakfast?
Jeremy: Whenever we have to leave the Travelodge and drive to the next city. Normally about 12 we’ll stop at a service station - thank god for M&S Simply Foods and Starbucks. You can usually only get one or the
other, but there is a golden service station that has both. Elizabeth ‘lost her shit’ when we found that. We’ll get loads of fruit and sushi; you’re just sitting in a van all day so we try to eat really well. It’s so easy to slip into a deathly fug of Ginsters and Diet Coke. Sometimes we bring cereal with us and get milk on our rider, then get the Travelodge to put the milk in their fridge overnight. Yes, we are the least rock-and-roll band ever.

Tea or coffee?
Jeremy: Earl grey. Milk, no sugar. Earl grey with sugar in it is like putting lemon on steak. Just wrong.
Elizabeth: Neither, I get migraines quite regularly and caffeine can induce them so I steer clear. I’m really into chai tea at the moment which is so middle class and smug that I feel sick just writing about it. It’s delicious though. I love sweet drinks. Oh, and an Ovaltine before bed.

Smoking or non-smoking?
J: Non-smoking for both of us.

Sweet or savoury snacks?
E: Again, try to keep it healthy. A perennial favourite for Jeremy is a chocolate raisin inserted into a raspberry. Tangy! I love anything with vinegar so pickled onions or salt and vinegar crisps. I always open them from the bottom so all that flavour that settles gets tipped back onto the crisps. However I also love baking — I make brownies that are basically fudge. Um, can I have both?

What food do you miss when you tour?
J: We just miss being able to cook!

Who’s the best cook you know?
J: Elizabeth.
E: Jeremy’s mum. Jeremy’s picked up loads of tips from her so he’s well on his way.

What’s on your rider?
E: Berries, grapes, water, Lucozade, bread and hummus. Neither of us drink alcohol, so we ask them to keep the beer and just give us cash, which we then spend on sushi or some other posh nonsense. Oh god we’re so lame.

Which country/ city has the best food?
J: There’s an incredible pizza place just up the road from the Academy in Oxford, Mario’s, which is great. Manchester is always good too - the Deaf Institute rules. But biased as we are, we’ll probably say our home town: London.

Do you eat out a lot?
J: Yes, (as you can gather) we’re big sushi fans so we often go out for sushi, the more authentic the better. Cooking, eating out, we’re real foodies.

Do you eat or drink onstage?

E: Just water. Trying to sing while stuffing your face with a cream eclair is an enticing image but it’s probably not possible.

Summer Camp are supporting Wild Beasts, Oran Mor, Glasgow, Fri 6 May.

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Wild Beasts and Summer Camp

Flamboyant Weimar cabaret-like sounds and mellower, broodier material from touted Lake District quartet Wild Beasts.

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