Davina backs Brian Belo for Big Brother host

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  • 20 April 2011
Davina McCall

Davina McCall

Davina McCall thinks Brian Belo should be the next 'Big Brother' presenter because the 2007 series champion is such a huge fan of the show

Davina McCall thinks Brian Belo should be the next 'Big Brother' presenter.

The Channel 4 reality TV show - which has always been hosted by Davina - came to end last summer after 10 years and although Five has now picked it up, Davina won't be returning and thinks the 'Big Brother 9' champion will be a great replacement because he's such a fan of the programme.

She said: "I've done my 11 years and it's time for a fresh channel, a fresh start, a fresh look, fresh feel - and I think the presenter should be Brian Dowling or Brian Belo, who is the proper true fan, or Emma Willis who I really love."

Although Davina was "heartbroken" when 'Big Brother' came to end, she knew it was time to move on.

The 43-year-old presenter added to ITV1's 'This Morning': "I was so identified by 'Big Brother' so obviously when they said they weren't going to do it anymore, not only was I heartbroken but then I had a lot of soul searching to do and thought, 'What am I beyond 'Big Brother'?'

"I love 'Big Brother', I still think it's got legs. I really believe that it's got a future and Endemol will make it good, I know they will. But I've said goodbye and I spent a year saying good bye and I went on and I've got other programmes now.

"And I've got a busy year so even if I wanted to I wouldn't do it because I was so synonymous with it and I thought there wouldn't be life after 'Big Brother' and now I've found out that there is."

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