The Dodos - No Colour (4 stars)

The Dodos - No Colour

Grunge-influenced alt.rock from the thoughtful duo


The Dodos were a two-piece, then a three-piece, then a two-piece again (keep up, dear reader). While 2009’s Time To Die was a softer, less frenzied affair, Meric Long’s apparent penchant for the flannel era is well utilised on No Color, re-united with producer John Askew. All the important Dodos elements are there, from the thundering toms and machine gun snares of ‘Black Night’ to the sweet vocal loop of ‘Going Under’ and the offbeat cat call hook of ‘Sleep’. Instinctive, thoughtful music (and some sweet backing vocals from sometime tourmate Neko Case), show the duo are ably re-finding their stride.

The Dodos

Psych folk pop duo from San Francisco who come highly recommended by Les Savy Fav.

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