Gang Gang Dance - Eye Contact (4 stars)

Gang Gang Dance - Eye Contact

Porgressive alt.pop from the hipster-makers


When Brooklyn pop sorcerers Gang Gang Dance released their brilliant 2008 album, Saint Dymphna, it had a huge indirect force on the hit parade. One of the record’s guest performers – then-underground MC Tinchy Stryder – has since become a household name, while Florence Welch admitted to GGD copyright infringement for her megahit, ‘Raise It Up’.

Eye Contact
extends GGD’s line in uncompromising, forward-looking pop – from the laser-electro epic of ‘Glass Jar’ through the hyper-smooth ‘Romance Layers’ (featuring Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor) to the luminous exotica of ‘Adult Goth’ – and ensures that their psychotropic art will permeate the mainstream for years to come.

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