Flesh - Sick Electricity (4 stars)

Flesh - Sick Electricity

Disco-pop debut masterminded by Stephen Lironi and Douglas MacIntyre, featuring Sharon Martin

(Creeping Bent)

The brainchild of producer Stephen Lironi and label boss Douglas MacIntyre, Flesh is based around the ice-cool voice of Sharon Martin and aspires to an electro-squelch, dancefloor melange of Chic-styled gloss and the avant-disco diva Cristina, who this debut homages on ‘Cristina’ alongside Edith Piaf and other pop art icons.

In truth, it’s disco dolly, 1980s New Pop bounce is even more gloriously mainstream, to the extent that if Girls Aloud ever deign to release another single, the gossamer twinkles of pounding, shop-soiled survivors’ anthem ‘Dial F For Fake’ should probably be it.

FLESH - Cristina

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